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About Wallside Windows Installation Service

At Michigan-based Wallside Windows, each window is custom manufactured to each order, although the company focuses most of their efforts on vinyl replacement windows, as well as custom-built wood bay and bow windows. They offer installation of any windows purchased in Taylor, Detroit, and the surrounding areas.

Types of Windows Manufactured by Wallside Windows

Wallside Windows is proud to manufacture energy efficient replacement windows. This is accomplished using vinyl strengthened and made thermal resistant with multi-chambered extrusions and frames which are fusion-welded to protect against drafts. Wallside also uses thermal-pane glass, and homeowners can upgrade to low-E coating for increased energy efficiency and protection from UV rays.

Each window is available with the choice from five different exteriors, three of which include wood options. Homeowners can also select from four different exterior finish options. Additionally, Wallside Windows will replace the exterior trim around the window and provides 21 color options to homeowners. Wallside Windows also provides various glass options including obscured glass for added privacy and etched or grooved glass for a unique look. If safety is an issue, Wallside can customize windows with tempered glass which breaks into tiny pieces instead of shattering.

Here’s a brief guide highlighting each of the specific windows offered by Wallside.

double hung windows

Double Hung Windows from Wallside

  • Features two vertically stacked sashes equipped with a spring-assisted lift to make opening as easy as possible.
  • Both sashes are fully operational, with one sliding upward and one downward for complete mobility.
  • Wallside’s double hung window features a unique child safety lock, which prevents the window from opening past four inches when in use.


Double Sliding Windows from Wallside

  • Double sliding windows from Wallside feature two side-by-side, operational sashes are set on brass track rollers, with each opening horizontally to allow for ventilation.
  • Double weatherstripping seals your home from the elements, while a double latch secures the window after it closes.
  • For the easiest cleaning, both sashes of this window can be lifted out of the frame.


Bay and Bow Windows from Wallside

Bay windows use three windows—typically of different sizes, placed at 30 or 45 degree angles—to extend the window out into the environment. A bow window is made of three or more equally sized windows and curves gently out into the environment.

  • Each of these bay windows is custom made by the craftsmen at the Wallside Windows factory.
  • Both styles are built from birch or oak and are strongly supported by stainless-steel cables.
  • On both the bay and bow windows, the casement windows placed on either end open to allow for ventilation.


Casement Window from Wallside

These single sash windows have a hinge on one side and open outwards from the opposite side. Casement windows can stand alone, or they can be used in combination with other windows. Examples of window combinations include end-vent casement windows, with casement windows placed on either side of a picture window, or double casement windows.

  • Each Wallside casement window can be fully opened until the sash sits at a 90-degree angle with the frame, allowing for maximum ventilation.
  • Double weatherstripping seals each window, protecting your home against water and air, and triple latches secure the window when closed.


Awning Windows from Wallside

Similar to a casement window, this is a single sash window. The hinge on this window is located along the top and the window opens from the bottom outward, allowing ventilation in the room.

  • Double weatherstripping seals each window and triple latches secure the window when closed.
  • These windows are unique, opening up to 30 degrees to allow air into the room, while still preventing rain from entering the home.
  • Awning windows are used in combination with picture windows to create the transom window which allows for a maximized view along with the ventilation the awning window provides.


Picture Window from Wallside

These single sash windows are stationary, and are often used side-by-side with opening windows. They provide an unobstructed view and maximum natural light to the room of a home.


End-Vent Sliding Windows from Wallside

These windows provide a unique solution for replacing a window when a sliding window is the preferred choice, but the opening is too large for a single, sliding window. These windows are capable of opening on either side and have two screens. Similarly to the double sliding window, the sashes of this window can be lifted out for easy cleaning.


Center-Vent Sliding Windows from Wallside

These custom-built windows are able to be opened in the center and have a single screen. The sash of this window can also be lifted out for easy cleaning.

Wallside Windows Warranty Information

Since the windows by Wallside Windows are custom made in their own factory, they feel confident when they guarantee the quality and life of each window. Wallside provides a 35 year warranty of every window in their line. This means if damage occurs to any component of the window they install as the result of defect or errors made during installation, they will replace or repair the window at no cost to the homeowner. Their warranty also protects against chipping, warping, rusting, and seal failure. This warranty is transferrable, so if the original owner of the windows chooses to sell their home, the warranty continues up until 35 years after the original purchase.

Since warranties may vary from product to product, and some exclusions may apply, we always suggest carefully examining the warranty of each product before making a purchase.

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