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Window World is the country’s largest replacement window company, manufacturing high quality double-hung, sliding, casement, awning, picture, bay, bow, and garden windows.

Operating with the motto, “Simply the best, for less,” Window World takes their vision for providing the best replacement windows at affordable prices seriously. They even offer a trademark True Lifetime Warranty, offering a replacement or refund for the life of the window. Let Modernize help you find the best prices from Window World installers in your area.

As an Energy Star Partner, Window World is committed to creating energy efficient windows through sustainable business practices and saving homeowners money on utility bills and replacement window costs. Here’s a brief breakdown of all of the products they offer.


Window World Double Hung Windows

The double hung windows designed, manufactured, and distributed by Window World have become their best-sellers. Each window has two vertically stacked sashes, both of which slide up or down to open and tilt inward for easy cleaning. Using high-quality vinyl, these windows are designed to withstand wear and tear, making them low maintenance and long-lasting. Here are some of their highlights:

  • Energy-efficient: Designed with a multi-chambered sash and frame, these double hung windows ensure optimal energy efficiency.
  • Temperature consistency: Each window is constructed with a warm-edge spacer system, which is intended to keep edge-of-glass temperature consistent through the improvement of the window seal.
  • Leak-free: Dust, noise, and moisture are kept out by a protective bulb seal and wind flap. An interlock located where the sashes meet further protects your home from air leaks.
  • Design: This classic design can be customized with nine different interior color options, nine exterior color options, and a choice of six different grids and eight different types of glass.


Window World Sliding Windows

Designed by Window World with a clean look that provides an unobstructed view, the sliding windows have become one of Window World’s most popular products. Here are some of the highlights of the sliding window from Window World:

  • Increased ventilation: The sliding window is characterized by two side-by-side sashes, with one sliding horizontally to provide ventilation to any room in your home. The operating sash uses a dual roller system, which guarantees easy sliding.
  • First-rate materials: Fusion welding is used to strengthen the window at both the mainframe and the sash. High-quality vinyl is used to make this window virtually maintenance free.
  • Energy-efficient: The sash and mainframe are multi-chambered, which increases insulative properties.
  • Weather-resistant: With double-barrier weatherstripping and metal reinforcement at the interlock of each sash, these windows provide superior protection from air leaks and weather.
  • Design: Available in one basic design with various customizations available, including nine interior and exterior colors and six different grid designs. Also available are eight different types of glass including ENERGY STAR qualifying glass packages.


Window World Casement and Awning Windows

Similar in function and design, Window World casement windows and awning windows operate with a crank out window handle for an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Here are some of the highlights of these casement and awning windows:

  • Slimline frames: This Window World trademark maximizes the glass area of the window and provides the best possible view.
  • Designed for ventilation: The casement windows open out, with hinges on a single side. The awning windows have a hinge along the top, opening out from the bottom. Both windows open fully, optimizing air flow of any room in your home.
  •  Increased thermal efficiency: These windows keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with the warm-edge spacer system and multi-chambered sash and mainframe design.
  • Design: Nine interior and exterior colors are available to choose from, as well as five different grids for the glass and eight different types of glass.


Window World Picture Windows

Picture windows by Window World are the perfect choice for spotlighting your favorite view or combining with other windows to bring more natural light into your home. Here are some of the highlights of picture windows from Window World:

  • Highly energy efficient: The warm-edge spacer system and multi-chambered mainframe design improve the window seal and increase thermal efficiency.
  • Design: These can be custom-made in just about any shape, whether dramatic angles or gentle curves.
  • Durability: High-quality vinyl and fusion welding on the mainframe guarantee that you’re getting a durable and long-lasting window.


Bay and Bow Window World Windows

Since bay and bow windows extend out, they add space to a room with great views and natural light. The bay and bow windows handmade by Window World will add architectural character to your home. Here are some of their highlights:

  • Extra support: The trademark slimline mullion design reinforces structure, and a heavy-duty cable hanging system prevents sagging or bowing over time.
  • Energy efficient: Thanks to weatherstripping and a multi-chambered design,  your home will be protected from leaks, therefore improving your thermal efficiency. more energy efficient by protecting from leaks and improving thermal efficiency.


Window World Garden Windows

This unique window provides maximum natural light, allowing plants to thrive while positioned inside the garden window. The garden window is energy efficient, available with the addition of SolarZone glass, a glass specifically created to block radiation and increase efficiency without blocking the visible spectrum lights plants need to thrive. Here are a few highlights of the garden window from Window World:

  • Spacious: Designed with a seventeen-inch seat board, this window allows plenty of room for plants and other unique household items.
  • Design: Available in three interior colors, two exterior colors, four different grids, and eight different types of glass. Can be customized to include a thick glass shelf as an additional display option.
  • Durability: Constructed with the highest quality vinyl, a multi-chambered mainframe and sash, and sloped-top insulating glass, these windows are resilient and long lasting.


Window World Basement Hopper Window

When the time comes to replace windows in a garage, basement, or attic, you’re covered with the hopper window from Window World. These windows are great for adding natural light and ventilation in areas that normally have neither. The hopper window opens and closes easily with a secure locking system, and weatherstripping protects your home from weather and air leaks. Here are some of their highlights:

  • Superior materials: The high-quality vinyl used allows these windows to withstand the normal wear and tear you’d expect to see in other windows.
  • Structure: Each corner is fusion welded and the multi-chambered mainframe and sash add additional strength to the window.
  • Design: Available in two colors with the choice of three different types of glass.

Window world windows

Window World Warranty Offerings

Window World has one of the most unique warranties in the industry. Under their True Lifetime warranty, all vinyl parts, mechanical parts, insulated glass, and glass are covered for the lifetime of the window. If damage occurs as the result of defective manufacturing or products, Window World will replace the damaged product at no cost.

Additionally, any necessary labor for the repair is covered. This is a transferable warranty, so if your home is sold the warranty can be moved to the new owner within 30 days of the purchase. Because this warranty is limited, make sure to carefully study the appropriate warranty guidelines before purchase. The True Lifetime Warranty does not cover damage as a result of an act of nature or owner misuse, and the labor warranty does not transfer to new ownership.

If you’re looking for competitive pricing and durable, long-lasting windows, Window World has got you covered.

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