HVAC Brands

All About HVAC Brands

These are some of the top name brand HVAC suppliers in the industry. They’re known for offering excellent products, but different companies specialize in different things.

Learn a bit more about what they offer to help you decide which brand to go with when it comes time to pick out a new furnace or air conditioner for your home.


Aaon has been in business since the late 60s. The company specializes in heat pumps, condensers, and air handling units. It’s one of the few companies that offers geothermal heat pumps today.


Airedale is one of the leading commercial heating and cooling specialists. The company specializes in helping schools and large companies meet their heating and cooling needs. It  also specializes in ductless and geothermal technology.


Amana has been around since the 1940s, but didn’t get into air conditioners until 1954. Today the company is owned by Goodman Global, and both Amana and Goodman heating and cooling products are known to be of high quality. Heat pumps, air conditioners, and gas furnaces are all available at Amana.


Willis Carrier, the founder of Carrier, is credited with inventing the modern-day air conditioner, and that long-standing experience is part of why Carrier air conditioners and other products are of such high quality. Consumer Reports rates Carrier as one of the top HVAC companies, and most technicians stand behind Carrier products confidently because they are known to last and they have solid warranties.


Daikin is a Japanese heating and cooling company that has been in business since the 1930s and offers most standard heating and cooling products. Daikin stands out for its customer service. The company offers to fix any HVAC unit issues that affect a customer’s comfort within the first year of installation.


Lennox International is one of the oldest American heating and cooling companies. It started in 1895 by Dave Lennox and it’s still going today. The company is known for offering top-end central air units and whole-home furnaces, and it sells economy products as well. The company offers more quiet equipment than many others, thanks to variable blower motors. It also helps systems run more efficiently by using a secondary exchanger to heat air up, and by running on a dual-fuel configuration that uses gas and electricity to for heat. It’s a reliable company and the top-level Signature Collections has a lot to offer.


As one of the biggest technology companies in the world, LG has as strong research and development team behind its heating and cooling branch. It offers the standard heating and cooling products, but also offers VRF (variable refrigerant flow) units that are affordable and efficient.


The Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling division has been in North America since 1980. Over that time, the company has become known for their ductless heating and cooling systems. They offer excellent heat pumps—some built with inverters for operation in very cold environments.


Rheem was founded in 1930 and is best known for producing boilers and hot water heating equipment, but offers top-quality heating and cooling units today. Rheem is the owner of the Ruud brand and manufactures products under that well-known name, too. All Rheem and Ruud products come with a comprehensive warranty.


Panasonic is better known for its televisions and cameras, but the company actually produces quality heat pumps and air conditioners. Their advanced technical background shows through in Panasonic heating and cooling products, with more precise controls and breakthrough technical integration as compared to other brands.


Sanyo develops air conditioners designed for ductless operation, for both residential and commercial use.


Toshiba offers advanced air conditioners with comprehensive controllers and technical integration, and these are some of the most efficient in the industry. The company is environmentally focused and received a carbon neutral status in 2012.


As a branch of Ingersoll Rand and the successor to American Standard, Trane is one of the industry’s top heating and cooling specialists. The company has been around since the late 1800s, but has been focused on heating solutions since 1916. It offers a variety of products for heating, cooling, and humidifying a space.


York is a prominent heating and cooling company that is now owned by Johnson Controls. It’s one of the largest air conditioning and heating manufacturers and is known for creating large-scale commercial and compact residential units. York offers packaged heating and cooling units that contain all the necessary components in one compact cabin to save space in smaller homes.

Why You Should Choose a Top Brand HVAC Unit

An hvac system outside a home.

More Comprehensive Warranties

Warranties covering 10 years of operation are common with quality products. Not only do top companies like Trane or Carrier offer 10 year warranties on most products for failed parts and defects, but they also cover additional expenses like the labor needed to fix the systems.

Quality Control

Even two furnaces made from the same materials might not function the same, and that’s where quality control comes into play. Leading companies emphasize using high-quality materials and proper assembly. Testing is used heavily throughout the manufacturing process at companies like Trane. In fact, Trane has its SEET lab in Texas—it stands for Systems Extreme Environmental Test. Each Trane product is put through heavy warm and cold testing and subjected to salt spray and a variety of other difficult tests designed to add five years of wear to a unit in just one week. With such comprehensive testing, Trane equipment—and equipment from similar manufacturers—is reliable.

Enhanced Engineering

Careful engineering practices and regular development help top brands offer the highest efficiency products and the coolest new features. Amana, Trane, and other leading companies have their own engineering department that tests current products and design components to improve those products and enhance reliability, efficiency, performance, and everything else that makes a heating or cooling unit reliable.

Improved Efficiency

It might not seem like a worthwhile investment to spend an extra $200 or even $500 for a higher efficiency furnace in your home, but with efficiency improvements at such an affordable rate, it’s often worth it to step up to a better name brand with a more efficient product. Choosing a product that runs efficiently will lower your overall energy costs and you’ll likely save more over time than you spent on your initial investment.

Making the Most of Top Brands

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Look for an Installer with Experience

Many brands, such as Trane or Mitsubishi, offer some sort of authentication and credential process for technicians. When professionals go through the proper steps to gain these credentials, you know they can be relied upon to do a good job. Rely on these systems to pick out the reliable providers and skip the rest. It’s a simple way to protect your home and ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

Poor Installation Leads to Failure

Without proper help, even quality equipment will fail. For instance, a furnace that’s oversized for a home will shut off and turn on too often, so it will run inefficiently. A properly sized furnace will operate more efficiently, last longer, and save you money. A top-notch installation will make equipment more reliable and prevent premature failure overall.

Quality brands offer you, the consumer, a great deal, whether you’re interested in long-lasting equipment, saving on utility bills, or having a reliable warranty.

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