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enviroglass-1024x681 Kitchen Countertops from EnviroGLAS
In an effort to preserve our natural resources, companies like EnviroGLAS are stepping up to the green plate by providing a glass gem of a product made from 100% recycled material. EnviroGLAS specializes in decorative countertops, flooring, and tiles. Products are made with recycled porcelain chips and tumbled glass from old bottles, windows, mirrors and color-pigmented epoxy resin. Savvy homeowners Continue Reading
Thermal Energy neon What Does Thermal Energy Measure?
  Thermal energy measures the movement of atoms or molecules within a substance. It’s considered less a measurement and more a process or an amount of internal energy. Thermal energy is often associated with heat because as molecules move faster, they transfer energy as heat. Thermal energy itself is expressed in British thermal units (Btu), calories and joules. One Btu Continue Reading
thermal energy Who Discovered Thermal Energy?
James Prescott Joule was the first scientist to discover that heat is a type of energy. While studying the relationship between heat, work, and temperature, he was experimenting with fluids like water. He found that when he agitated the fluid, its temperature increased. Joule performed mechanical work on the fluid and in doing so, converted that mechanical energy to thermal Continue Reading
thermal energy-how it works How Does Thermal Energy Work?
Thermal energy is all around you, which makes it a very important concept for any heating and cooling specialist to understand completely. What started out as simple experiments with liquids led to an excellent understanding of the concepts of thermal energy, heat, work, and everything that makes a current day heating and cooling system function properly. Who Discovered It Thermal Continue Reading
tidal-energy-1024x768 What is Tidal Energy?
Tidal energy is a pretty cool technology that takes the tide shifts within the ocean and transforms them into useable energy sources. It’s not as complicated a process as it seems and in almost all real world applications of the technology simple water turbines are turned by the flow of ocean water to generate electricity. It’s a useful way for Continue Reading
winter home Be Ready for Winter with These Home Winterization Tips
You know what it means when your social media feed is suddenly inundated with pictures of pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, fall home décor, and apple picking. Not only is it time to welcome autumn with open arms—it’s also the perfect time to start prepping for the cold weather ahead. Here are some must-read prep tips for winterizing your home this season. Continue Reading
Grey-water The Easiest Ways to Save Water in Your Home
Let’s face it, we have been hearing about the importance of saving water in your home for years now. And yet, most of us have run out of ideas on what more to do—turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth, take sorter showers—we’ve tried it all before. But with some states entering record droughts, water cutbacks have become more Continue Reading
Fall Home 5 Green Ways to Cool & Heat your Home this Fall
In most homes, energy bills run considerably high during colder months as the need to heat the home and water becomes necessary. And as energy prices are rising day by day, it means increasing the expenditure on utility bills. The best way to combat this is by opting for the limitless green energy provided by the sun, which can be Continue Reading
Energy-Efficient Kitchen Appliances How to Choose the Best Energy-Efficient Kitchen Appliances
Not many people can survive without a dishwasher, fridge, or stove. However, kitchen appliances account for a large percentage of your energy bills. In fact, energy experts say that freezers and fridges are the main energy guzzlers in homes—after central heating—and use up to 20% of a home’s electricity. Since nearly every US home has a refrigerator that is used Continue Reading
UK Solcer House Can your Home be Comfortable on Zero-Carbon Living?
Have you ever imagined a home that strikes a perfect balance between your lifestyle needs and the needs of Mother Nature? Yes, we are talking about a zero carbon home that fully meets the needs of the family living in it and also physically adapts to match their ever-changing lifestyle needs. Such a home exists in Pyle near Bridgend, Wales. It Continue Reading

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Whether you’re planning a complete home renovation or you’re just looking for simple ways to cut down on your energy bill costs, investing in energy-efficient elements for your home can pay off more than you’d think. From replacing single-pane windows to adding insulation, to even just installing a smart thermostat, there are lots of ways to go green that will reduce your carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency and the value of your home.

A common misconception among homeowners is that in order to have an energy-efficient home, style must be sacrificed. This isn’t true at all, since the surge in demand for all things green has increased so much, it’s getting easier and easier to find efficient systems and products that will seamlessly integrate into your home and complement surroundings.