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man and woman solar installation Interview with an Expert: Why Solar is a Solid Investment
A little overwhelmed by the financials of solar? We know the feeling well—that initial down payment can seem like a lot. But when you really drill down into your system’s cost of return, it can offer some serious savings over time. To get a better sense of these factors, as well as what goes into a residential installation, we spoke Continue Reading
woman-drilling-floorboards Home Tips for Women
Tina Gleisner knows what she’s talking about when it comes to home contracting, repairs, and renovation. After all, she ran her own “handyman” business for 8 years, she’s owned (and fixed up) 15 houses, and she’s now a successful entrepreneur. Her company, HomeTipsforWomen, publishes homeowner guides and offers workshops that coach women through everything they need to know to improve Continue Reading
new-hvac2 Interview with an Expert: How Can You Upgrade Your HVAC System?
HVAC systems are evolving quickly. Advanced efficiency ratings, new system technologies, and high-tech thermostats are just some of the innovations homeowners have at their disposal to make their homes more comfortable—and their energy bills more affordable. But sorting through all of that new technology can be difficult. To help us understand HVAC efficiencies and what happens when you replace your Continue Reading
window-wood-clad Ask an Expert: How a Window Replacement Can Affect the Comfort of Your Home
Many homeowners don’t realize even realize how noisy, dusty, or uncomfortable their windows have become until they have them replaced. And new windows offer more than a chance to change your home’s look. They may also help you with noise insulation in your bedroom or keep the sun off your back in your kitchen. To understand how new windows can Continue Reading
DIY Solar Interview with DIY Solar Expert
Are you the type who likes to do everything yourself, no matter how technical it might be? If so, this interview is for you. We interviewed Dave Donaldson, senior design engineer at GoGreenSolar, a company dedicated to helping homeowners install their own solar systems. The company also produces DIY solar kits and provides design and installation services. If someone wants Continue Reading
solar installation Ask an Expert: Interview with Solar Expert
Let’s Go Solar provides an array of resources to help consumers figure out what kind of solar panels to put on their home and what they cost. We interviewed editor Laura Brigham, who has installed a 5 kwh array on her own home, about the options homeowners should be aware of, as well as how to pay for them. “Solar Continue Reading
pella3 Brand Spotlight: Pella Windows and Doors
What is your most popular product(s)? Why? Choosing our most popular products is a feat, given that Pella designs and manufactures made-to-order and custom windows and doors. But homeowners and designers alike are loving our new limited-edition Vibrancy Collection of front doors. The collection includes six new entry door colors designed to reinvent front door personality and curb appeal. Colors include Continue Reading
Eco friendly Ask an Expert: Home Energy Audits
Ecobeco offers whole-house energy audits to help homeowners live in comfortable, energy-efficient homes. The company includes a team of energy auditors, general contractors, architects and interior designers to determine where homes can save energy and improve indoor comfort and air quality. We asked Brian Toll, Ecobeco’s Founder and President, about what homeowners should look for in a successful energy audit. Does every Continue Reading
roofing-header-img Ask an Expert: How to Avoid Problems During a Reroof
Purchasing a new roof is a high stakes business. Not only does your roof literally shield you from the elements, it also stands as one of your home’s largest investments, both in terms of cost and sustainability. Given the right conditions, a new set of shingles could potentially last you fifteen years or more—as long as you hire the right Continue Reading
Bay Window Bench Ask an Expert: Interview with a Windows Contractor
WindowNation, a Maryland-based company, advises homeowners from northeast Ohio to Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Northern Virginia when they want to replace windows, siding, doors and roofing. The company offers a wide variety of brands, styles, and color options. More than 95% of their products are ENERGYSTAR qualified. We recently interviewed Louis Apoldo, VP of Sales, for Continue Reading

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