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retrofit window laminate Should You Add Glazing to Your Windows or Replace Them?
Why let a good window go to waste? If you’re dealing with poorly-insulated single pane windows, the answer may seem obvious, especially if you’ve recently seen a spike in your heating bills. Double pane windows vastly outperform their single pane counterparts for energy efficiency and sound reduction. According to the Department of Energy, an ENERGY-STAR rated double pane window may Continue Reading
Wood Floor Vent Cover Heater Covers: What You Need to Know
As much as we love heating equipment here at Modernize, we also understand that it isn’t usually the most attractive thing in a home. Baseboard heaters, radiators, and central heating registers tend to detract from your home’s overall appeal, rather than add to it. But there is one way to cope with these common household eyesores: heater covers. Radiator and register covers Continue Reading
gauze-curtains Our Top Window Predictions for 2017
While 2016 was all about contemporary styles, window trends for 2017 are all about refining the style of your home. Think custom windows that still lean heavily toward large and uninterrupted views, a greater focus on details such as colored vinyl window frames, and window components that increase the energy efficiency of your home. Window dressing trends in 2017 are Continue Reading
Large living room studio with a kitchenette and a balcony in an organic style. Organic Architecture in interior design. 3D render. How to Raise the Roof on Your Home
There’s no denying the impact that high ceilings have on a room. They can add drama to a room or make the entire space feel more open and airy. However, not every home was built with high ceilings. For instance, many older homes have low, flat ceilings that can cause residents to feel claustrophobic. If you find yourself dreaming of Continue Reading
Feet in wool socks warming by cozy fire How to Increase the Energy Efficiency of a Fireplace
Fireplaces generate a lot of heat—as long as you’re standing right in front of them. Otherwise, they can suck all the heat right out of a room and send it up your chimney with a lot of smoke. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how you can increase the energy efficiency of your fireplace so it’s worth Continue Reading
Person looking for places to stay on digital tablet app How Accurate is my Zillow Listing?
What is Zillow? Zillow is a third-party realty portal that lists homes for sale across the US. Websites like Zillow receive their information from multiple listing services (MLS) and brokers. If you’re not familiar, the MLS listings correlate and disseminate information about homes for sale across the country. Those listings represent sellers and are used by anyone looking for a home—from Continue Reading
roof demolition Estimating Your Dumpster Size and Cost for a Roofing Project
Planning to reroof your home by yourself? Get ready—you’re going to generate plenty of waste. Roof tear off materials often tally in the tons for weight, meaning you need a generous dumpster to take care of your excess. But just what size dumpster is right? How do you know? Here’s how to make your calculations—before you step foot on your Continue Reading
Man caulking ridge vent How Much Does It Cost to Install a Ridge Vent on Your Roof
Sure, it’s nice to keep the rain off your back, but your roof actually does more than just protect you from the weather. Rooftop ventilation systems help circulate air in your home and vent exhaust from your heating units, keeping the air quality in your home safe and healthy. While not every roof needs a ridge vent per se, your Continue Reading
caulk-siding-joint_full Siding Caulk: Everything You Need to Know
When it comes to home improvement, caulk is one of the best secret weapons a homeowner can possess. Used throughout the interior and exterior of homes to fill gaps or cracks, caulk is an incredible, flexible acrylic that can prevent air or moisture from getting in just about anywhere. Using caulk on exterior siding is a relatively straightforward process, but there Continue Reading
view smart windows How Much Do Smart Windows Cost?
Have you heard the news about smart windows? These WiFi-connected glass surfaces may be the next thing on the horizon for residential windows. Equipped with environmental sensors that can read room occupancy, weather, and sunlight, these automation products have louvers that allow them to vary their tint—meaning you’ll never have to reach to adjust the shades ever again. That all sounds Continue Reading

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