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reusable-air-filter Pros and Cons of Reusable Air Filters
“Change your air filters.” It’s the number one piece of advice we hear from HVAC professionals. Clean filters extend the life of your system and improve its overall efficiency, since your unit doesn’t have to work as hard to regulate temperatures throughout your home. But what about the environmental impact of all those thrown-away filters? Aren’t they bad for our Continue Reading
suburban-family-home What Type of Eco-friendly Roof is Best In Cold Climates?
If you live in an area that regularly receives three-foot deep snowfalls, or where it’s not uncommon to see the weatherman point out lows of -20, then you probably have a special reverence for your roof. Not only does it do all the usual jobs of keeping you and your family safe and comfortable, it also stands as a literal shield Continue Reading
hedge-bush Easy Ways to Hide Your HVAC Unit and Increase Curb Appeal
During the brutal winters and scorching summers, you may find that your reliable HVAC system becomes your favorite feature of your home. That doesn’t mean that you love how it looks, though—in fact, it’s often quite an eyesore. If it’s not located behind your home, there are some easy ways you can hide your HVAC unit from plain sight and increase your Continue Reading
stained-glass-window Our Favorite Stained Glass Windows for Modern Homes
Stained glass is an art form that dates back thousands of years and can be found nearly everywhere, from Egyptian and Roman pottery to Medieval churches and mosques all over the world. While stained glass windows traditionally adorn religious buildings and other important establishments, contemporary artists like Frank Lloyd Wright have demonstrated that they can also be used in homes. We love the juxtaposition of historical and modern design Continue Reading
messy-desk Want a Paperless Home Office? Here’s How.
Extra paper wastes space, creates clutter, makes it hard to work efficiently, and can make working in your office unnecessarily stressful. Plus, using paper wastes all the resources that went into making it in the first place: trees, water, energy to manufacture and transport the paper, air quality affected by paper manufacturing. And don’t  forget, even if you recycle your Continue Reading
installing solar panels The Pros and Cons of Buying Out a PPA for Solar
Price of solar energy systems got you down? A power purchase agreement—otherwise known as a PPA—offers a powerful alternative to afford solar equipment. In these arrangements, homeowners allow a third party company to install a solar energy system on their property. The cost of installation and the maintenance falls to this company, rather than the homeowner. In exchange, they forfeit Continue Reading
air-vent Does a Smart Vent Really Work?
You’ve heard of smart thermostats. So why not a smart air vent, too? While that might seem like overkill (after all, who really ever touches their air vents?), smart vent manufacturers argue that manipulating vents offers a convenient way to lower energy consumption and keep your home more comfortable. The idea here is that homeowners can close a room’s vents Continue Reading
rooftop-hvac-under-a-sky Your AC Unit Is About to Get A Whole Lot Greener
Hydrofluorocarbons: the coolant with a sordid past. Environmentalists have long recognized this common AC refrigerant as a harmful contributor to climate change. In fact, the EPA has been calling for their removal from consumer air conditioners since the 1980s. In 2013, the United States’s Clean Air Action Plan sought to phase out hydrofluorocarbons—shortened to HFCs—domestically, but no international commitment stood in Continue Reading
We love how the natural stone complements the wood siding on this home, designed by Alan Mascord Design Associates. Best Siding Options to Increase Your Curb Appeal
When it comes to your home, nothing makes a lasting first impression like a striking exterior. While decorations and landscaping help to improve the appearance of your house, the siding you choose to complete your home’s design style is paramount. Here are our top picks for siding options to increase the curb appeal of your home. Vinyl lap siding Vinyl Continue Reading
clapboard-siding Does Energy Efficient Siding Exist?
Your home’s siding—it seems like a perfectly obvious place to look for energy efficiency updates. After all, cladding stands as your first defense against harsh winds, heat, and other weather conditions that affect your house’s overall energy performance. Unfortunately, however, most siding doesn’t really offer very high efficiency, especially compared to the protection available from other green materials. The real Continue Reading

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