What’s Hot in Kitchen Remodels

Whether you are a single, young professional living in a studio apartment or the homemaker in a large home built for your family of six, the kitchen is the heart of the home. With so much time spent socializing there and feeding yourself, your friends, and your families, it should be a space with a look that you love.

If you are considering giving this well-used space of yours a revamp, there are so many trends to help guide you on your remodeling journey. From flooring to cabinet colors and counter types, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a snapshot of the latest trends in kitchen remodels to get you started:


Floor Plans: Open floor plans have gotten a lot of love this year. These transitional layouts combine a functional kitchen with a casual sit-down area, which makes socializing and entertaining while prepping food a cinch—no more running back and forth between rooms! Because this open layout floor blends in with the rest of the home, it’s smart to design them in a way that harmonizes with the rest of your interior style.

Cabinet Colors: Almost half of homeowners in the United States have chosen a classic white for their kitchen cabinets during the last few years. But another color has gained considerable popularity in 2015. Gray is expected to compete with white during the next few years, and possibly even top it as the number one choice for preferred cabinet color.  As far as color themes go, the time-honored look of black and white is the favorite in kitchens of all styles, which gives homeowners creative flexibility with a complementary palette in the rest of the house.

Countertop Materials: Natural stone and quartz continue their reign as favorite kitchen countertop material.  But homeowners have abandoned some of the previous color standards and branched out with neutral, light colors that perfectly complement a modern style. 

kitchen remodel2

Flooring: Longevity wins over affordability when it comes to flooring this year. Not only do homeowners love the rustic and timeless appearance of a hardwood floor, but they know it’s much more durable than alternative flooring materials, which have been popular in the past.

Functional Details: Technology has found its place in the kitchen and it’s here to stay. Automated faucets and motion-activated sensors for lighting were a hit among the most popular tech upgrades for homeowners this year, and we’re already excited to see what next year holds in store.

Fun Details: There’s no shortage of personality infusing kitchen remodels this year. Brightly colored apron sinks are adding a pop of color to the kitchen, which packs a punch in neutral spaces. Nature-inspired materials like wood and stone are being used together on countertops, and homeowners are designing their own personalized backsplashes—subway tile, mosaic glass, and even faux brick—to match their personal in a whole new way.

If a kitchen remodel is in the works for you this year, know your choices should ultimately be made based on what you love and what works with your lifestyle. Use the trends listed above to guide you in your plan for creating the perfect kitchen, and you are bound to fall in love with your brand-new space.  

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