There are no rules when decorating a kid’s room. Whether you want to incorporate a theme in a small way or go completely overboard, these ideas will help spark that creativity. Let your imagination run wild so theirs will, too.

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Modern princess

Children's room

Make your little princess’s bedroom all about luxury. The key to achieving a princess feel without making it cartoonish is a monochromatic color scheme. Use all pinks, all creams, all purples, or whatever color your little princess desires. Create a rich look with lush fabrics on the bed and windows, and add a bed crown with drapes. A chandelier is an absolute must, and don’t forget a seating area with a lovely tea set or a dressing area with mirrors and a vanity. When selecting pieces for this theme, look for things that are ornate and glamorous.

Budding artist

Give your budding artist the studio space they deserve. Cover the walls with a combination of color-your-own wallpaper and chalk board paint. Add a craft table with storage that can double as a desk. Colorful quilts and curtains can help infuse the room with a sense of fun. Don’t forget an easel and plenty of supplies. Picture ledges or a cable curtain hanger on one wall can serve as a display for all the unique creations this room will inspire.


Tree house

What child, or adult for that matter, doesn’t love a tree house? Convert your child’s room into a magical forest or tropical jungle with a loft bed constructed to mimic a fort. A slide or pole can provide the perfect way to exit the fort. Not fond of heights? Consider a small cabin containing a bed built right into the room. Add tree and animal decals to the walls and paint the ceiling to mimic the sky. A tree stump side table or mushroom stool can add a natural element to the room. A hanging chair, hammock, or large pillows on the floor provide the perfect spot to read or indulge in a little wildlife watching.




Give your sports fanatic a fun and unique hang-out with a sports-themed room. If you have a large bedroom, add a special hard floor and have it painted to mimic a basketball court or soccer field, or add artificial turf. Create extra space in the room by adding a loft bed with a goal underneath. Have only essential furniture in the room and add castors to it so they can easily be rolled out of the way for a quick indoor game. Consider adding a rock climbing wall or basketball hoop. With a room this cool, you might never see your child again, but you might see every other neighborhood kid.