5 Home Resolutions for the New Year

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Everybody and their sister is going to say that eating right and getting in shape are their resolutions for 2015. But we love the idea of including your home in your resolutions—after all, you spend a good chunk of every day inside your house, from cooking to just sleeping. Resolve to better your home in 2015 with these thinkers. May luck be with you!

Deck used as a front entrance walkway.

Go through those boxes in the garage

You carefully stored those so-called precious items away a decade ago, but never opened the boxes afterward. Do you really need them then? The garage is often a time capsule of old movies, children’s clothes, and other relics. Make it a point to go through all these boxes in the new year to figure out what you truly need. If you haven’t touched it in a decade, it’s probably worth donating to a local charity. Definitely keep family mementos, but those old cassette tapes can probably be tossed.

A clean two-car garage of a house.

Commit to a shelving theme

If your shelves look like a hodgepodge of collectibles, it’s time to organize them. Each shelf in your home should have some theme. Whether you collect figurines or simply prefer ornate vases, make your collections stand out. Remove all the items from the shelves and clean them until they’re sparkling. Select the pieces you truly want out on display. Cluttering the shelves back up is not the goal. Store away some items to keep the shelf presentable while still retaining your immaculate collection. Even add some glass doors to open shelving to prevent excessive dust issues.

Dark cabinets  white counters and a window

Be a smart shopper

Do you really need that fifteenth vase for the windowsill? It’s difficult to be a smart shopper in today’s competitive marketplace. There’s always a sale going on, enticing you to buy everything in sight. Hold back these emotional reactions, however. As you’re mesmerized by an item on sale, take a moment to really think about it’s value in the home. Is it just adding to the clutter? Put the item down and get out of the shop quickly if it really doesn’t help the home’s style. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it must be purchased. You could be really hardcore and impose the rule of “if one thing comes in, one must go out.”

Save up for special investments

Solar panels on a home.

You don’t have to be frugal and rational with shopping all the time, but it does help when you want to make that large investment. If you have your eye on a sculpture costing several hundred dollars, use the money you save from avoiding impulse purchases to apply toward the art. You won’t have to rely on credit, which only makes finances more difficult in the future. Pay for the sculpture outright when the funds are available. You’ll appreciate the piece even more because there was effort finding and securing the purchase.

Don’t be afraid of change

tan living room

It doesn’t matter if you rent or own a home, change some of your decor in the new year. Add curtains or hang a tapestry you received over the holidays. Giving the space a fresh look rejuvenates the home and your mind. It may encourage you to upgrade other areas, such as adding a Moroccan rug. Rely on your interests to change up the space, even if it’s just furniture reorganization. Turning the couch around or reorienting a major rug makes the space appear different even with the same decorations.

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