Summer has gone by in the blink of an eye, and suddenly it’s time to start thinking about decorating for the holidays. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about Christmas just yet! If you’re looking for a few simple projects that will help you and your family embrace the cooler weather and autumnal atmosphere, then you’re in the right place. Here are a few favorite tips to help you get your home primed and ready for the holiday season while taking the time to appreciate fall.

Decorate your entryway

Help friends and family (and the rest of the neighborhood) get into the holiday spirit before they even walk into your home with a tastefully decorated entryway. Seasonal produce such as gourds, squash, pumpkins, and corn can work for your autumnal theme long past Halloween, and your yard is sure to have a surplus of brightly colored leaves to help you decorate. For a simple entryway DIY, get the family together and make your own door wreath from autumn leaves, twigs, or evergreen foliage. When December rolls around, you can easily repeat this project—or if you’ve gone for a basic wreath base, simply change out any accessories and add wintry accents for the holidays.


Change your color scheme

To give your living room or den that holiday feeling, slightly change your decor to warmer, autumnal colors. Switch out summery hued candles, cushions, potpourri, and other decorative items for alternatives with deep reds, bright oranges, and different shades of brown to make your living spaces feel cozier with very little effort. Add a few fleece throws and your home will be ready for the changing season.


Get the fireplace ready

Make the hearth the heart of the home with a simple fireplace upgrade. If you have a wood burning fire, make sure to get it inspected and in working order before the nights turn cold. Decorate your mantelpiece with seasonal decorations, working in the autumnal color scheme as you go. Add a few holiday decorations if you like, but remember that there are still a few months until Christmas, so don’t neglect your pumpkins and cornucopias.  


Craft your centerpieces

Once the rest of your living spaces are ready for the season, it’s time to decorate your dining room. The whole family can participate in a centerpiece crafting session, so bring the outside in and get creative with leaves, squash, and other harvest-themed produce. If you want to try your hand at flower arranging, choose orange, red, and yellow seasonal varieties such as daisies, sunflowers, black eyed Susans, and goldenrod. Hand tied bouquets are particularly delicate when arranged on a table, or hollow out a pumpkin and make your own vase for a little extra seasonal charm.

Fill the air

One of the simplest ways to make your home feel holiday ready is to make it smell holiday ready. Festive baking and cooking sessions can instantly take your home from summer to fall (and winter!) with very little effort. Cinnamon, clove, apple, and other seasonal spices in your everyday bakes will lift the mood in the home and accentuate your changing decor. If you want to invoke winter but aren’t quite ready to bake Christmas cookies just yet, essential oils, candles, and diffusers can do the job for you. The best thing about these kinds of products is that you can change the scents to suit your personal needs and the season as often as you like.

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Make small changes

If you’re considering more substantial house renovations this fall but are worried you won’t get everything done before the holidays, save yourself time and money by taking a few shortcuts. Don’t worry, you won’t have to sacrifice on quality. In the kitchen, a quick changeover of knobs, handles, and fittings will instantly brighten up the room and take hardly any time at all. The same goes for any old and dingy bathroom fixtures. Focus the majority of your efforts on the entryway, living room, and other areas that will see the majority of traffic during the holiday season. There’s no shame in leaving a few rooms for renovation in the new year, when you will need something to keep your mind off the depressing post-holiday slump.

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