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9 Ways to Conserve Energy
Follow these ways to conserve energy in the home, which can save you money and help protect the environment. While not everyone can afford…
research and planning
What is a Sunroom?
Sunrooms are a popular addition to a home that can offer a versatile place to entertain guests, lounge, or simply enjoy the outdoors…
maintenance and care
Sunroom Decorating Ideas
A sunroom is a blessing that allows you to absorb the lovely rays of the sun and to warm your home and your heart from the inside out.…
Other Home Projects
From Start to Finish: Selecting the Right Paint Sheen
When selecting the paints for your home renovation, choosing the color is only the first part of the decision. You’ll also need to select…
research and planning
7 Great Sunroom Ideas
There’s nothing quite like a sun-soaked space to enhance energy, productivity, creativity, and overall well-being. Build yourself and…
research and planning
Should You Get a Sunroom?
Answer: Yes. They’re awesome. Okay, fine, we’ll elaborate. Sunrooms are accurately named for the huge amount of light let in the room…
research and planning
The 5 Qualities of a Perfect Kitchen Island
They’re a gathering place, a homework space, and a spot to serve up your perfect souffle. Kitchen islands are all about functionality and…
maintenance and care
10 Ways to Cool Your Home Efficiently
During the summer, scorching temperatures can drastically impact your electricity bills. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to help…