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The three-season room is one of the most beneficial home enhancements. While numerous improvements allow seasonal and some extended use of a patio, deck, or pergola, the three-season room provides for the protection of enclosure while keeping the space open to the atmosphere outside. The cost of a three-season room varies greatly depending upon the size of the room, your… Read more
The four-season room is not exactly a room addition. Instead, it is a fully enclosed and climate-controlled space. It’s constructed almost entirely of glass, which allows for ample sunshine and an enhanced view of the outdoors. The advanced quality materials of today’s four-season rooms do more than simply ensure a weatherproof environment. They also allow you to control your indoor air quality with… Read more
Are you thinking of building a sunroom and want to make sure it doesn’t send your energy bills through the roof? Maybe you already have a sunroom, but you don’t use it as much as you’d like, because it’s either too hot, too cold, or just too drafty? Here are a few tips to help you retrofit an existing sunroom… Read more
Lucky you, you’re adding a sunroom to your home! But before you start thinking that everything is going to be golden from here on out, remember: you still have a little bit of work to do before you can soak up those rays. After all, before you can set up the chaise lounge, you’re going to need some flooring. Thankfully, you… Read more
Is your three-season room a three-star experience? Give it a bit more pizzazz with these 10 ideas. Add some color Most three-season rooms are built in the same neutral whites and browns as the rest of the house. Shake things up by painting the walls an electric blue or a cozy yellow. You can also experiment with wallpaper if you… Read more
Adding a three-season room to your home allows you to bring the outdoors in and enjoy the seasons from the comfort of your home. It’ll be the perfect spot to spend time with family and friends in the spring… and the summer… and the fall! (Now we understand where they get their name.) For a relatively small investment, your old patio… Read more
Similar to a porch, a four-season sunroom can either connect to the structure of a house or be freestanding (detached). What differentiates sunrooms from other kinds of structures are the many windows, rather than screens. A sunroom lets you comfortably stay indoors, possibly with your central air conditioning and heat, while still enjoying the outdoors and the view outside. Like a… Read more
Sunrooms are a popular addition to a home that can offer a versatile place to entertain guests, lounge, or simply enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by pesky insects and glaring heat. If you are wondering what a sunroom is, then you may have heard them referred to as solariums, garden rooms, sun porches, or patio rooms. In one state,… Read more
A sunroom is a blessing that allows you to absorb the lovely rays of the sun and to warm your home and your heart from the inside out. Whether you have just built a sunroom into your home or you’ve moved into a house with a sunroom, take a moment to consider what you can do with it. A sunroom… Read more
There’s nothing quite like a sun-soaked space to enhance energy, productivity, creativity, and overall well-being. Build yourself and your family a sunroom for all seasons—a place where the outdoors can be enjoyed year round. Whether you’re thinking about a porch sunroom, screened-in patio sunroom, or an entire addition, you can easily extend the existing heating and cooling systems of your… Read more

Sunrooms for all seasons

One of the best ways to enjoy your yard year round — minus bugs and rain — is to build a sunroom. Set up a hammock and use it as a place to read and relax, turn it into an extra space to entertain, or use it as an indoor garden. Your sunroom can be simply screened in, or you can opt to install glass windows and have your air conditioning and heater run to it to keep it constantly comfortable. Whatever you decide to do, your sunroom will wind up being a unique feature of your home.